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When I was in the sixth grade I did a science fair project on Lucid Dreaming which ended up being incredibly frustrating for a couple of reasons: (1) the internet wasn’t then what it is now so I only had info from library books and the Encarta Encyclopedia to work with and both were skeptical, and (2) The only good book I had had instructions on how to become a lucid dreamer which failed miserably.

To this day I long to dream lucidly which is why this article caught my attention. Does it work? I’m not sure I can deal with the disappointment I felt in the sixth grade, so you will have to let me know. The original article can be found at

Guaranteed to work, but you have to stick with it. Sometimes it takes a person only a week to have their first lucid dream from…

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The Wandering Dreamer

Facebook.  Are we friends or aren’t we?  Like a BFF, wondering if she’s been replaced, facebook connections (whether from real life or not) will run the deepest and be the most hurt if (more like when) you decide to “unfriend” them.  Those darned decisions, right?  It seemed like a good idea to “friend” your entire family… at the time.  Until you realize Cousin Sally shares TMI (too much information) and Aunt Betty is trying to “friend” all of your friends to sell them cactus juice from Sedona.  And, oh by the way, if you are “friends” with your boss, may the force be with you.

Twitter.  Don’t tread on me.  Your Twitter followers will expect that you pick a style and live with it.  Like, forever.  If you tweet about Bob Marley, Hipsters and Donald Trump’s hair this week.  Don’t expect to talk about existentialism, Requiems…

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A Cup Of Coffee

A cup of coffee was what all     I   desired so I just stood up   boiled some water added    some milk ,added some  coffee powder  and my  coffee was ready.Right now  its 2:30 of night on such  a  cold night I needed some warmth.I was shivering not because of this darned cold winter month but because i had so many tensions.Family tensions,school tensions and  above all i was tensed because i did not fit just right into this world.I am just 12 not at all good looking very thin and mostly considered a nerd,a geek and bookworm by my non friends.By non friends I mean people who do not know me.Just at one sight of me you could  tell why people think so.But this cup of coffee made me forget everything.The aroma was very soothing,and the taste it was rich though on the first sip it burned my tongue but  gave  warmth to my throat .15 minutes have passed and I am still writing this article whats the use you will ask.Just because I like writing original things writing is my passion and its my companion in the  time  of my worries.Now when my tensions have been looked to.I can have a good night sleep goodnight to you to.

Till next time                                                                                                                                    kanishka sarin



Fast foods: Fast foods are  food items which are                 prepared and served quickly

Fast foods give instant            energy as the main nutrient  we get by eating fast foods    are fats so they are high in      calories so they lead to             many heart diseases                   which are extremely harmful to our health.



Obesity: Obesity refers to a medical condition in which excess fat accumulates in the body which may have an adverse effect on the victims health obesity leads to a number of diseases

Obesity Disease #1: Heart Disease. This is one of the deadliest and most common fast food obesity diseases. People with obesity usually have lower levels of good HDL cholesterol and higher levels of bad LDL cholesterol. This increases the risks of obesity heart disease tremendously.

Obesity disease #2: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This is the main cause of female infertility, and obese women have a much higher chance of developing this disorder. This obesity disease also results in excessive hair growth and irregular menstrual cycles.

Obesity Disease #3: Diabetes (Type 2). This is one of the fastest growing obesity diseases. What happens here is that your pancreas is unable to supply sufficient amounts of insulin to convert sugars into energy. This means that the unconverted sugar floats around the blood, which is very harmful.

Obesity Disease #4: Dyslipidemia. This is a major fast food obesity related disease, which results because of abnormally high trygliceride and LDL cholesterol levels. Dyslipidemia eventually leads to obesity heart disease.

Obesity Disease #5: Sleep Apnea. This disorder means that you might actually stop breathing while sleeping, which causes you to wake up suddenly several times during the night. You may not even be aware of this disruption of sleep, but it prevents you from receiving proper sleep and results in daytime fatigue.

Obesity Disease #6: Blount’s Disease. This disorder occurs when an excessive amount of weight gets placed on growing bones, making it more prevalent in children. This is especially the case with the lower part of the body.

Obesity Disease #7: Arthritis. This is a condition that is a result of strain on the joints for extended periods. Excessive body weight certainly causes such strain and makes arthritis develop in younger people.

Obesity Disease #8: Respiratory Problems. Obesity makes your lungs work harder, so that they get the necessary oxygen where it is needed in a timely manner. Asthma is also more common in those who are obese.

Obesity Disease #9: Stroke. When the arteries, which carry blood to the brain, get blocked, the end result is a stroke. Such blockages happen in obese people much more often, because they usually have high cholesterol and blood pressure, which contributes to blockages.

Obesity Disease #10: Liver Damage. It is difficult for the body to deal with fast food obesity, because these foods usually do not get distributed appropriately. When this is the case, fat can build up around the liver, which may result in its inflammation, scarring, and even permanent damage.

Some other fast food obesity diseases include angina, glucose intolerance, gout, and congestive heart failure. Obese people also face the risks of certain types of cancer. In addition, there are several diseases that can occur because of the strain caused by extra body weight, such as osteoarthritis and hernias.

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So now you know this say no to fast foods.Try    it till you feel the difference.I have tried it  myself and its fun sometimes when someone asks me for a treat at MC. Donalds or K.F.C and i say “Sorry but I  am on a strict diet and eating only vegetables”  and at once he starts asking me reasons as i am not that fat and i explain him why i am doing this.Everyone out there      who is reading this post please join this campaign by subscribing to my blog i will try and write more posts about this please send share your post also by replying in the reply to this post column.

Till next time                                                                                                                                      Rooting for you                                                                                                                                Kanishka Sarin







footy one of the most exciting games on facebook so all football fans gear up for footy


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My skul

hey ppl this is my skul the most boring place ever bcse skul sucksand u all knw it it dosnt matter though



The school was established in 1977 in the name of Saint Dominic Savio. It is located in the heart of Indiranagar near Bhoothnath market. It is managed by the Catholic Diocese of Lucknow. It is affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Education.


St.Dominic Savio College is an unaided Minority Educational Institution (F.No. 1480 of 20006/14307). It was founded in 1977 with the object of imparting modern education to Catholics student in a manner that will conserve their “religion, language and culture” but admission is not denied to students professing other faiths. Established and administered by the Catholic diocese of Lucknow , a society,registered under the Societies Registration Act the XXI of 1860.

[edit]St. Dominic Savio

The culture is named after St. Dominic Savio who was born in Riva, Italy, on 2 April, 1842. He died at the age of 15 on 9 March, 1857.

The College adopts the ICSE pattern of education and admits boys and girls from Nursery to Class XII.

Samsung Champ

Samsung C3300k Champ
Samsung C3300K Champ can get the privilege to power your pocket by its user-friendly features and small size. It is a very good-looking handset with a light weight body and touchscreen facility. Battery backup is extraordinary that will never let you bother to charge it frequently.
Let’s have a glance at other properties that strengthen its position further:
1)Innovatively designed casing has got ultimate look with a beautiful finishing. Its dimensions are as 96.3 x 53.8 x 13 mm which shows that it can hide itself in your fist. Weight of the Samsung C3300K Champ is only 80 grams.
2)You will get a very friendly response from 2.4 inches TFT resistive touchscreen that is the medium of watching output also. Display capability of the gadget includes 256K colors and 240 x 320 pixels resolution.
3)Moreover, it sports UI auto-rotation through accelerometer sensor and has got TouchWiz Lite UI.
4)Camera has become the essential part of mobile phones, so Samsung C3300K Champ has been designed with one of 1.3 MP to capture 1280 x 1024 pixels pictures and QCIF videos at 15fps.
5)Entertainment is another important thing that makes your handset quite interesting. Here you will get MP3, WMA and eAAC+ music playback along with MP4 and H.263 video support. Apart from that, games and stereo FM radio are other entertainment options while Java support is there to broaden the range further.
6)Users will be able to access online friends as Samsung C3300K Champ offers social networking integration. In addition, this device offers nice messaging features including SMS, MMS and Email options.
7)Your Internet requirement can be met through GPRS and EDGE services while WAP 2.0 web browser is one more option to approach xHTML and HTML web pages.
To share data with other appliances, you can take help of Bluetooth and USB facilities. 3.5 mm audio jack provides Samsung C3300K Champ connectivity to audio system.
9)Internal storage of the device is 30 MB and it supports up to 8 GB memory card. Along with up to 666 hours of standby time and 12 hours talk time facility it becomes a great device.