A Cup Of Coffee

A cup of coffee was what all     I   desired so I just stood up   boiled some water added    some milk ,added some  coffee powder  and my  coffee was ready.Right now  its 2:30 of night on such  a  cold night I needed some warmth.I was shivering not because of this darned cold winter month but because i had so many tensions.Family tensions,school tensions and  above all i was tensed because i did not fit just right into this world.I am just 12 not at all good looking very thin and mostly considered a nerd,a geek and bookworm by my non friends.By non friends I mean people who do not know me.Just at one sight of me you could  tell why people think so.But this cup of coffee made me forget everything.The aroma was very soothing,and the taste it was rich though on the first sip it burned my tongue but  gave  warmth to my throat .15 minutes have passed and I am still writing this article whats the use you will ask.Just because I like writing original things writing is my passion and its my companion in the  time  of my worries.Now when my tensions have been looked to.I can have a good night sleep goodnight to you to.

Till next time                                                                                                                                    kanishka sarin


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