About me

Me the only child of my parents born on 24 august 1997 at 12 ‘o’ clock at night half Leo and half Virgo,I think i am an interesting topic to discus.Hey  I am kanishka Sarin  the one and only computer geek  aiming to be a successful journalist,wild life photographer and editor.Yah this sounds weird but i have none of the interests that the other boys have. i love mostly books,nature and football.you might think since i am so weird why the heck football don”t know but football is like a hobby but computer, books and writing is a dream a passion for me.I  dont actualy like writing what other people have already written.To be honest i cant hold a pen and do my homework for more than 10 minutes a strenuous effort for me.But if you give me a essay to write i fill fly into a fit and keep writing till i cannot think any more ideas. Words just fly into my mind and I ink them or type,once i have started writing no one can stop me.

On the contrary  i think i am a very boring person but an interesting topic to discus.

So now you know so much about me thats just me.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. hey !!!!!!!!!!nice website………u really r “the geek” ha ha ha by the way where s da article u were tellin me abouthuh???????????wud luv 2 see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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